About Ulla

”I was only twelve when I held a camera in my hands for the very first time. I was immediately infatuated by what this little piece of mechanics could bring about. After a few first shots out on the town I had already decided I was destined to become a professional photographer.

Photography is not something you can read about to become a master. It takes years of practice out on the field so I just kept at it until one day I was accepted into the famous School of Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. It was run by the already very well established and famous photographer Christer Strömholm. I had no choice but to leave home in Malmö, at the very south of Sweden to move 400 miles up north to a city pretty much unknown to me.

This sandwich that I photographed for a class at Christer Stromholms School of Photography is one of those stills that has followed me my entire life – a simple sandwich. All I could afford then was the cheapest bread, the cheapest sausage, and the cheapest butter. I often say you can see that old sandwich in all of my photographs. It was a start all right, but it kind of set my style for the future – keep it simple.

1970 I started working as the first female photographer at one of Sweden’s largest newspapers and I was given the world as a work field. I travelled pretty much all year round for the next 30 years – even after I quit my newspaper job. I wanted to become a freelancer, someone who managed her own hours and clients. And I did! It was in the year of 1985 and I was finally free to create my own exhibitions, books and all kind of projects. Little did I know what life had in store for me…”

More about Ulla

As one of Sweden´s best-known documentary photographers and filmmakers, Ulla Lemberg focuses on social challenges, human rights issues and social developments. Her photographs have helped visualize the everyday struggles and inequalities of women around the world.

Her work ”See – Woman”, ”Women of the World”, ”Dear Child”, and ”I Want You to Know” has been shown in over 30 countries around the world.

Ms. Lemberg has produced two documentary films about sexualized abuse of children. ”The Witnesses” talks about the exposure abandonned children in Chile suffer through. And from Moldova ”Where are My Mum and Dad?”.

2011-2013 Ms Lemberg collaborated with producer David Herdies and Ecpat Sweden directing the documentary ”While Nobody is Watching”.

Ulla Lemberg has collaborated with the Swedish Institute and Swedish Embassies around the world. The focus behind the collaborations has been to market Sweden as one of the most equitable countries in the world.

She has held seminars, lectures and exhibitions in, amongst others, Copenhagen, Singapore, Istanbul, Ankara, Prague, Vienna, Naples, Rome, Madrid, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Budapest, Bucharest, Athens, Shanghai, and Washington DC.

Ulla is now working at Change Attitude, which she founded in January of 2011. Change Attitude works with world-renowned artists and producers to create advocacy projects.

The vision is a world of zero tolerance for sexualized violence against children.